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Campus Entironment

Chengdu University (CDU), run by the Chengdu Municipal Government, is a comprehensive university offering regular undergraduate education and benefits from the system of educational provision jointly administered by relevant competent authorities of either Sichuan Province or Chengdu City. Since its foundation nearly 30 years ago, CDU has grown into a comprehensive city-based university not only taking Engineering, Liberal Arts and Management as its dominant fields but also integrating the development of other disciplines, such as Economics, Law, Pedagogics, Science, Agriculture, and Medicine.

When it was founded in 1978, Chengdu University was first located in Hongmen Street, Chengdu, then moved to Huapu Road, and later to Hehuachi area. In 1999, the Chengdu Municipal Government invested several hundred million yuan in construction of a brand-new campus of Chengdu University, covering an area of over 1000 mu(about 670,000 m2). In July, 2002, the entire university moved to the picturesque Shiling Historical & Cultural Scenic Area in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu. In 2004, the new campus was awarded the title of Park-like Site by the Chengdu Municipal Government for its combination of beautiful environment, splendid layout, and fusion of motion and quietness into one. In March 2006, approved by the Sichuan Provincial Government, the former Chengdu College of Education, Chengdu Normal School of Preschool Education and Chengdu Health School were officially merged into Chengdu University. At the same time, the Chengdu People's Government made a decision to expand the campus by acquisition of another 1400 mu of land (about 933,000 m2) nearby. At present, the new campus design and construction work has been launched, and a new campus with perfectly functioning modern facilities will soon be seen in the east of Chengdu.

Campus Entironment

CDU now covers a total area of 1,200,000m2 with a total campus area of 450,000 m2, the fixed assets up to RMB 770 million, teaching facilities amounting to 84.55 million yuan and a collection of over 1.3 million volumes of books. There are more than 1600 teachers and staff members, and among all full-time teachers, about 40% are professors and associate professors, and over 300 are teachers with doctor or master degrees. In addition, some 80 well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad have been engaged as guest and part-time professors.

CDU now possesses 17 faculties: Faculty of Industry Manufacturing, Faculty of Urban & Rural Construction, Faculty of Information Science & Technology (Faculty of Software Industry), Faculty of Electronic & Information Engineering, Faculty of Bio-industry, Faculty of Economics & Political-Law, Faculty of Tourism & Culture Industry, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Literature & Journalism, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Culture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art, Faculty of Medicine & Nursing, Faculty of Teacher Education, Faculty of Preschool Education, Faculty of International Education, Faculty of Continuation Education, and Physical Education Department. Today, CDU offers more than 60 specialties with approximately 30,000 full-time undergraduates and junior college students.

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